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Software, training and tooling to have your CNC machine working for you.

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Design, quote, cut and build cabinets with Mozaik.

Easily create floor plans, elevations, 3D views, and cutting lists, ensuring your designs are accurate and detailed.

Customisable Cabinet Designs and Inserts

Tailor designs for unique cabinets. Quickly drag and drop accessories with all drilling operations included.

Precision Door Design and Machining

Design MDF doors with precision and automate machining for consistent, high-quality components.

Support and Resources

Get full support from Cadmate with free online training, email support, software upgrades, access to user forums, instructional videos, and a library of cabinet designs.

Comprehensive Design Solution

Easily create floor plans, elevations, 3D views, and cutting lists, ensuring your designs are accurate and detailed.

Easy to Use

Mozaik Software’s straightforward interface and intuitive features make it accessible and easy to learn for all skill levels.

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"Where would we be without Cadmate? Their help in setting and training us with Mozaik has made this transition seamless and hassle-free for our business."

Tony Georges

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Finding the right software for CNC manufacturing is like having a workforce at your fingertips.

Gain access to our dedicated team for full support at every step. Enjoy free online training sessions, ongoing email support, software upgrades, access to user groups and forums, instructional videos, and a comprehensive cabinet library.

The right tools for the job

Cadmate offers a range of high-quality tools that make it easy to choose the right one for your job. These tools are durable and built to last, so you can work with confidence, knowing they'll get the job done right.

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"We are more than just software specialists. We are cabinetmakers, who pride ourselves on helping cabinetmakers to scale their business with confidence."

David CarrFounding Director

Cadmate: experts in the craft

We’re cabinetmakers too. We understand the industry and the tools needed to get the job done.

Working with Cadmate is a partnership with people who understand the industry and the software. We’re here to understand your needs and help solve your challenges through genuine partnership.

Meet your new partner

When you choose Cadmate, you choose expertise, complete solutions, and genuine support.

Expert Guidance

Our understanding of the craft and software allows us to offer practical advice that bridges the gap between technical expertise and practical application.

Complete Solutions

We provide an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates CAD and CAM processes. Coupled with extensive training and support and high-quality tooling, you're equipped for success from day one.

Genuine Customer Service

Our customer service goes beyond just selling software. We partner with you to understand and solve your challenges. When you provide feedback, we ensure you feel heard and valued.

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