About Cadmate

About CadmateWe’re for cabinetmakers

Cadmate was started by cabinetmakers to make the transition to CNC-based manufacturing seamless and hassle-free.

CNC made simple.

You want your CNC machine to be working for you.

Making cabinets requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. There are a lot of moving parts for cabinet makers to juggle. Taking site measurements, selecting materials, hardware, and appliance specs, quoting, ordering, cutting, edging, assembling, delivering, and installing. It's a complex process that demands a lot of hard work to produce a high-quality and profitable final product.

Given the time pressures on business owners and the challenge of finding skilled staff, choosing software that is easy to learn while still having the versatility to get the job done is essential. Perhaps even more important is partnering with a provider who will guide you every step of the way. That partner is Cadmate.

Software that works for you

Cadmate is an exclusive supplier of Mozaik Software, an end-to-end solution for integrating CAD and CAM processes.

Mozaik Software revolutionises the cabinetmaking experience with its user-friendly interface and intuitive features. Cabinetmakers can easily customise designs, insert accessories effortlessly, and design doors with precision. The software's automation capabilities save time and ensure consistent, high-quality components.

Additionally, Cadmate provides Mozaik users with comprehensive support and resources, including training sessions and access to user groups, ensuring that cabinetmakers are equipped for success from day one.

Comprehensive training and support

When you choose Mozaik Software, you get the full backing of Cadmate’s expertise and support.

Partnering with Cadmate gives you access to our team for full support at every step. You'll receive free online training, ongoing email support, software upgrades, access to user groups and forums, instructional videos, a post for your CNC, our cabinet library, and pre-loaded materials and hardware to start building cabinets right away.

High-quality tooling

A full set of high-quality tools that make it easy to choose the right tool for the cut you need.

As cabinetmakers, we know the challenges of choosing the right cutting tools for your CNC machine. So we have produced our own range of cutting and drilling tools, with specifications that take the headache out of tool selection. Cadmate tools are high-quality and built to last.

Why cabinetmakers love partnering with Cadmate

Training and support packages

Our comprehensive training and support provide you with the skills and expertise to leverage CNC technology effectively.

Genuine customer service

Our customer service goes beyond just selling software. We partner with you to understand and solve your challenges. When you provide feedback, we ensure you feel heard and valued.

Get the best return on your investment

A CNC machine is an investment of money, time and effort. When you partner with Cadmate, we help to make it deliver for you.

Expert guidance

As cabinetmakers ourselves, our understanding of the craft and software allows us to offer practical advice that bridges the gap between technical expertise and practical application.

Complete software solution

We provide an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates CAD and CAM processes. By eliminating the need for third-party software, you can leverage CNC manufacturing effectively.

"Where would we be without Cadmate? Their help in setting and training us with Mozaik has made this transition seamless and hassle-free for our business."

Tony Georges

An expert team in your corner

The Cadmate team is here to make CNC simple for cabinetmakers like you.

David Carr image
David CarrFounder and Director
Jason Hughes image
Jason HughesMozaik Trainer / Team Leader
Eric Collier image
Eric CollierMozaik Trainer / Cadmate Developer
Anokin Tarveran image
Anokin TarveranMozaik Trainer / Helpdesk Technician

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