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    Is Mozaik compatible with Apple Mac computers?

    Apple products are not natively supported as Mozaik is designed specifically for the Windows operating system.

    For optimal performance, please review Mozaik's recommended hardware requirements here: System Requirements - Mozaik.

    However, some clients successfully use Parallels® Desktop for Mac (available at to run Windows on their MacBook without any issues.

    Could someone visit my office to provide a demo?

    We do not provide on-site demos. However, Mozaik stands out from other software providers by offering an affordable and convenient way to try our product. By signing up for a 3-month subscription, you can evaluate whether Mozaik is the right fit for your business. Additionally, we offer a complimentary 90-minute online training session to help you get started.

    We value transparency and want you to fully understand the capabilities of our software. Therefore, we encourage you to test Mozaik before committing to a long-term subscription. Our product speaks for itself, and we want you to experience its full potential firsthand.

    Do I need to purchase SketchUp™ to use Mozaik™?

    No, you do not need to purchase SketchUp™ to use Mozaik™. Mozaik™ includes a built-in 3D viewer for your convenience. However, we do offer an interactive link that allows our models to be displayed in SketchUp™.

    Please note that Mozaik™ and Cadmate do not sell SketchUp™. If you wish to purchase it, you can do so directly through SketchUp™: SketchUp Plans and Pricing.

    What would I use Sketchup™ for?

    Many clients leverage SketchUp™ for various enhancements, such as downloading additional 3D models and integrating their joinery with comprehensive house plans designed in SketchUp™. Another common practice is to export Mozaik™ designs to SketchUp™ and utilize third-party rendering plugins to create high-end visualizations. SketchUp™ is compatible with many of the leading rendering engines available today. Here are a few options to consider:

    Can Mozaik™ be set to display millimetres?

    Yes, Mozaik can be set to both imperial and metric measurements at the click of a button.

    Can I try Mozaik™ free for 30 days?

    No, Mozaik™ does not offer free trials.

    Instead of conventional demos, Mozaik™ adopts a unique approach. We provide an affordable and straightforward option to sign up for a three-month subscription. This period allows you ample time to determine if Mozaik is the right fit for your business. We prefer to demonstrate our value through performance rather than promises. Additionally, we support new subscribers with a complimentary 90-minute online training session to ensure a smooth start.

    What's included in the Mozaik™ Cabinet Library?

    Our team at Cadmate has designed a library specifically for the Australian and New Zealand users. We supply this free of charge to all Australian and New Zealand subscribers. You can see what is included in this library here:

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