Products10mm 3 Wing Compression TiXCo3© Coated

10mm 3 Wing Compression TiXCo3© Coated

SKU: CC10-3C

Introducing our premium three-flute compression cutter with our Signature TiXCo3© Coating, specially designed for machining particle board. This high-quality cutter guarantees a perfect finish on both sides of the panel, making it an essential tool for cabinet makers. Its advanced design with deep flutes allows for the ejection of hard resins commonly found in particle board when cutting, keeping your tool cooler and thus lasting longer.



  • 10mm diameter
  • 22mm cutting length
  • 75mm overall length
  • 3 flutes
  • 8mm of up cut



Entry/Ramp Speed

7,000 mm/min

Feed Rate

  • Longest tool life: 18,000 mm/min
  • The sweet spot: 21,000 mm/min
  • Pushing it: 27,000 mm/min

Disclaimer:  Tooling Speed Recommendations

Please note that the tooling speed recommendations provided are general in nature and are based on machining Particle Board (HMR) and Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). These speeds are intended as a guideline and are based on the use of a CNC machine equipped with a 12 kW spindle.

Actual speeds may vary depending on the specific materials, machine capabilities, and operational conditions. It is essential to conduct proper testing and adjust speeds accordingly to achieve optimal results and ensure safety.

Cadmate is not responsible for any damage or issues resulting from the use of these recommendations without proper adjustments and testing.


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