Why Cadmate Tooling?

Why Cadmate Tooling?Tooling for Cabinetmakers

Cadmate’s range of Australian Made tooling has been expertly crafted and tested to meet the specific demands of modern cabinetmaking.

  • Australian Made and Owned Tooling
  • Specifically designed for cabinet manufacturing
  • High surface quality, long lasting tools
  • Simplified choices to get your job done

Designed for performance, built to last

Whether you’re starting out with your CNC machine or a seasoned professional, Cadmate Tooling is designed to deliver superior performance and reliability.

High Surface Quality

Each tool has been crafted and expert tes to achieving a superior finish with minimal chipping, ensuring the highest surface quality for your projects.

Signature Coating TiXCo3©

Our exclusive TiXCo3© coating withstands high temperatures, increases tool life and maintains high performance throughout usage.

Backed by an expert team

As cabinetmakers, the Cadmate team deliver a an exclusive and adaptive range of quality tooling for you to get the best results.

Optimised for Australian Particle Board

Our compression cutter tooling geometry is designed to extract the resin commonly found in Australian Particle Board, ensuring clean cuts and longer tool life.

Longer Lasting Tools

Cut more sheets with our durable, high-quality tools. Experience the efficiency of fewer tool changes and reduced downtime.

"As cabinetmakers ourselves, we know the power that reliable, quality tooling has on the end products, and we’ve set out to make the perfect match with our tooling range"

David CarrFounding Director

The right tools for the job

Our selection of curated tooling simplifies your choices making shopping a breeze.

Discover the Cadmate Tooling Range

Cadmate: experts in the craft

Tooling, Mozaik Software, Training and Support

At Cadmate, we provide more than just specialised tooling for cabinet manufacturing. Start a partnership with people who understand the industry. We’re here to understand your needs and help solve your challenges through genuine partnership.

We’re right beside you!

Whether you’re thinking of subscribing to Mozaik, improving your software skills, or needing the right tools for your projects, our team are here to help.

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